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How to save money in 2015

save money

Times are hard in today’s economy but even more so at the turn of the year. So I have listed many ways you can save money from cashback websites to pay as you go gyms.

1) Get paid by using cashback websites whilst shopping online. There are many highstreet stores that are apart of the cashback scheme. They pay between 3% to 10% on online transactions. You can use

2) Buy discount cinema tickets. We all know how expensive it can be to go a watch a film nowadays and even EE are due to take the “Orange Wednesdays” 2-1 offer away in February 2015. You should use voucher sites such as Groupon to get vouchers such as 3 tickets for £12 from Odeon Cinemas. Also Cineworld offer Bargain Tuesdays where every film at anytime is reduced with around a third off. Whatever you do please do not go for the unlimited card from Cineworld as its highly unlikely you will get your money’s worth at the end of the year compared to buying discount cinema tickets.

3) Look into making sure you get the maximum interest rate on your current account. The best current account we have seen on the market. Santander’s 123 account pays 3% interest up to £20,000 and also gives cashback on many direct debits including phone and electricity bills.

4) Set a date to renew your insurance before it is too late. Many insurance companies make their money from customers who do not shop around for the best deals. Instead they pay higher prices for automatically renewing their insurance policies.

5) Review your direct debits. There are many direct debits that need to be cancelled due to insufficient use. Paying for a gym you hardly ever use is a classic example.

6) Think smart when visiting the supermarket. Always stick to your shopping list. Supermarkets are experts to get us to part with our money with profitable items in prime locations along with glitzy 3 for 2 offers. Stick to your list!

7) Book your holidays early. Airlines such as and currently have a January sale with great savings. Also currently are offereing up to 50% off holidays.

8) Save £1000 by taking your own lunch to work. With the average lunch costing £5 it could cost you over £1200 over the course of a year eating out at work. Your own fresh lunch prepared is a better idea.

9) Clear out your ‘junk’. Selling your unwanted items on Ebay could make you more than you thought. Unwanted Christmas presents and other things such as DVD’s and CD’s can really stack up and make you a good return with a little effort.

10) Stop leaving your electronics on standby. Switching off these appliances can save nearly £100 a year. This with other means of saving can make a massive difference at the end of the year.

Happy Saving Year people!!

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