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New Years Eve

Best place to watch the New Years Eve fireworks in London

London’s skyline on New Years Eve is a must see event. There is a such a delight in watching amazing fireworks light up some of the most famous London buildings.

Here are some of the best places to view them:

Victoria Embankment and Westminster Bridge are the prime locations for the New Year Eve fireworks display. There are some amazing views of the River Thames and nothing beats having fireworks shoot over the Big Ben.

If you want to avoid all the big crowds from the fireworks then Cannon street is a great place to view the fireworks. In between Mansion House and Monument. Getting there early would be advised if you want that great view. Also further a field with less crowding you have Vauxhall Bridge.

If you want to have a view from inside with dinner included the following place are worth a visit if you have a bigger budget in mind.

You have the Duck and Waffle restaurant with views from the 40th floor at 110 Bishopsgate in the city of London Tickets start from £125 per person with food and DJ included.

If you are looking for a luxury New Years Eve with a 5 course dinner and a view of the fireworks then head over to the Aqua Shard restaurant on level 31 of the Shard building. Dinner tickets are from £395 per person.

Have a good New Years Eve people.

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Champagne sluts

FREE sex in London?

Well let’s answer that question straight away….. there isn’t any! Ever wondered why the rich and famous are using adult services such as high escort agencies and top end gentleman’s clubs? It because of one word HASSLE! Nothing is stopping a rich, young, good looking man finding a girl in a nightclub after a few bottles of champagne as it all comes to one thing. Girls drink ‘free’ champagne but the majority of the time end up in the penthouse or 5* hotel suite somewhere in London. However, what stops these types of guys from doing this nowadays is the hassle that comes in the aftermath. Girl gets the number and is constantly trying to hook up with the rich guy. When he refuses it goes literally tits up and she tries to fuck his whole life up! Facebook stalker, contacting the current girlfriend of the guy, turning up to his house, workplace, business meetings and so on. Recession has been around us a while now and girls are trying even harder to find that super rich man but they are super rich for a reason… they are not so dumb! Well the majority of them are not once they are sober! This photo above is all fun and games but the aftermath is why guys turn to high class escorts in London such as Elite VIP Models and high end gentleman’s clubs such as Stringfellows.

Even A-List Hollywood actors use the services of high class escorts. They all have their favourite agencies or madames who they turn for company rather than the hassle and risk of a normal girl showing up. The last thing they want is publicity in their private time.

Based on a circulated story….. in March 2014 a VIP A List Hollywood star throws one of the biggest penthouse parties at Corinthia Hotel on Whitehall Place. The party starts from a nightclub in Mayfair finishing. Girlfriends of girlfriends start to show up and security let them pass. The more the merrier right? WRONG! It ended up being a nightmare with girls actually fighting over men they had just met this very night. Everything was great until the penthouse party was in full swing with unlimited alcohol and other ‘fun’ things but then pressure mounted over girls taking pictures of the star even after security pat downs and no phone entry.

Security were having to take the phones and delete all photos and the party ended. After this a couple of girls still had photos and had the audacity to contact the Hollywood stars people and demand money for the photos or they would go to the press. The situation was resolved but the point is there is NO real free sex in London.

We know from sources the very same star threw a similar party a few months later in a private penthouse and there was only known people attending and all the entertainment with the girls side was from a mixture of a private madame and a high class escort agency. This is what it has come to…. Known people can’t really party without the stress of girls! This is why all the rich and famous turn away from the normal party girls and call for paid services. It is all about business nowadays.

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High Class Escort

Can you trust a high class escort agency?

So let’s get straight to the point how many truly high class agencies are there in London? From my research not many. How many high class escort agencies are trustworthy? Even less!

So let’s start with the great creation of photoshop which is literally widespread across 90% of London high class agencies. The ways many agencies exploit clients is widespread. Too many agencies do not even interview these so called high class escorts so how would they know if they are truly stunning or a £150 hooker! Well the reason is the fact they prey on new clients who they can scam and then move to the next client. Very few agencies care for the regular client.

Even worse many of the models use two sets of photos. One showing their true quality of £300 an hour and the super photoshopped £600 photos. The one reason many clients avoid such agencies is the trust element. Very few agencies develop long term relationships with clients as they just want to make a quick buck and run. The girls who get desperate in slow times make two profiles so get more business. Total rip-off! The industry in London is overrun with too many poor quality models with super inflated prices. However, there is the odd few that really take customer service to whole different level with the top models that they have such as highly recommended

If you want a truly stunning high class you must do your research. Try to spot the girls making double profiles on other websites. Very few agencies really have exclusive escorts but the ones that do always thrive. Bringing in genuine GFE talent is where London fails. Girls come to London hoping for a quick pay day and the client is the one who is left short changed from his ‘high class’ experience. It is too robotic for many of these escorts coming from other countries.

To find top models on a constant basis is much harder than you could imagine. Having spoken to many businessmen regarding high class escorts they are let down time and time again. These men want to come and do their business and have fun at the same time. Business is always done but the fun is not. Developing a relationship is key. Saving your time, effort and money using an agency such as could make all the difference to your trip.

This is just the start of the blogs. I have personally spent over a 16 months researching the adult industry in London. So watch out for my blogs regarding strip clubs, adults clubs, swingers clubs and general mongering in London…….

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